For the first time,
I didn’t feel insecure.

Growing up, I wasn’t good at physical activities.

I lacked hand-eye coordination, wasn’t good at running and didn’t know how to ride a bicycle. As an adult, I tried many other activities – pilates, boxing, weight training, golf, and many more.

I heard yoga was good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Still, I didn’t want to embarrass myself at a corporate gym. I found a yoga studio next to my office and decided to go.


I still remember my first class.

It was an early morning class — dark room, the sound of Om, sun salutations, collective inhales, and exhales. All we had to do was move our bodies with our breaths.


Yoga wasn’t a competition.

It was a practice.

And for the first time, I didn’t feel insecure. And I didn’t feel alone. So I showed up consistently. However overwhelming or chaotic my life was.

Yoga helped me honor myself.

Yoga didn’t cure my life problems, nor make me the best version of myself.

But it helped me celebrate myself as who I was. And that’s precisely what I needed, especially when I was burnt out from the corporate career that defined me throughout my adulthood.

Eventually, yoga has become a part of my life and what I do.

My teachers are…

Lisa Becks
Toni Cupal
Jason Crandell
Alexandria Crow
Wendy Klein
Hana Raftery
Courtney Ronca

1-min hello

If you do…

  • Feel burned out and overwhelmed by daily grinds
  • Not enjoy being at the center of attention, especially in the group setting
  • Love to learn in a supportive environment

Want someone…

  • Who understands everyone’s body is unique
  • Who is a late adopter of an active lifestyle
  • Who is a fellow non-athlete

Then let’s practice together.

When I am not on the mat…

Stationery Enthusiast

I love pens, papers, and journals.. and am very proud of my penmanship.


I collect her books. Currently, I have 84 out of 102.


I learned to ride a bicycle in my late 30s because my dad gave up teaching me when I was little.


I make a truly phenomenal carrot salad. Influenced by Alice Waters and heavily modified by me, this recipe converted many carrot haters, including myself.

My resume


500-Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Jason Crandell, 2023

200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training
Nandi Yoga, 2020

RYT 500, Yoga Alliance

Additional Training

Softer side of yoga – Yin yoga training
Wendy Klein, 2022

Mastering the Art of Sequencing
Jason Crandell, 2021

Deconstruct to Reconstruct (D2R)
Alexandria Crow, 2021

Sensing Shakti, one-on-one coaching
Hana Raftery, 2020

Nov 2020–Present

Office Yoga
Apr 2023–Present

Kinema Fitness
Feb 2023–Feb 2024

Yoga of Los Altos
May 2022–Present

Movement (previously Planet Granite)
Jul 2021–Present

Nandi Yoga
Jan 2021–Nov 2022
Internship with Lisa Becks (Jun 2021—Nov 2022)

Can we be penpals?

I write about tools, routines, and rituals that help me feel grounded. You can find some of my old emails here.